The Shower - It's where you do your best thinking - Don't leave it up to chance.

At Wolf Body Care, we develop products for men that seek the best. We've sourced the highest quality ingredients and all of our formulas are vegan, biodegradable, made in Canada and free of harmful chemicals.

With a focus on sustainability, all of our products ship in custom aluminum bottles and are replenished  using refill pouches. Using a pouch instead of a bottle uses approximately 60% less plastic, requires 50% less energy to produce, and causes fewer CO2 emissions.

The Way of the Wolf

Wolf Body Care strives to offer unparalleled quality that brings together form and function to deliver the ultimate shower experience.

What does this look like?

Made in Canada • Natural Ingredients • Biodegradable Formulas • Cruelty Free • Aluminum Bottles

Customer Experiences

The products perform amazingly, have great ingredients, and are nice to use - they also really enhance the aesthetic of your shower!
My husband had been trying various products over four months. After researching men's products, I came across Wolf and ordered the samples. They don't leave his scalp or body feeling dry which is great and the scents aren't overpowering so he can still wear his favourite cologne. The bottles also look super sleek which is an added bonus!
I suffer from a dry scalp and hair and usually use head and shoulders because it solves the scalp issue but continued to leave my hair feeling dry. I tried this on the recommendation of a friend and it has since solved both my issues.
I started this as a test and now it's part of my daily routine!
Great products, gentle on my hair and skin and the packaging is amazing. LOVE the sustainability aspect.

Try Before You Buy

Samples are shipped in reusable aluminum bottles that are approved for carry on luggage.

Oh yeah, they're also filled with the best shower products you can find.


The Current State of Men's Body Care

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