The Current State of Men's Body Care

A few weeks ago we connected with Wil Lakatos, Founder of Oak + Tonic, 

a boutique organic skincare, hair-care, beauty salon and website at the forefront of the move towards natural and organic skincare - located in Calgary, Alberta.

We touched base with Wil to get a pulse check on the current trends he's been seeing in the men's body care space.

1. What types of general trends are you seeing in the men's clean body care space?


Clean labels, unisex scents...less is more, with a good story behind the brand. 

2. Why do you think things are trending this way?


These are the things that start to make brands stand out now. The product speaks for the brand; but the brand speaks to the people. 

3. What seems to be the most popular segment of clean products for men?


Hair styling products like pomades and clays are popular with us, as well as soap bars and grooming products. 

4. Why did you decide to dedicate your career to this path?


I’ve always been enticed to give back to people. But I wanted to do it in a safe way, a clean way and a Canadian way that wasn’t slathered in typical stereotypes like beavers/moose and maple syrup drizzling on the walls. 

5. What advice would you give men that are considering the switch to clean body care products?


Just try it one product at a time to just see the difference. If you're not sure...try using something that offers a complimentary sample and see if you like the results.

6. Any words of advice for men that are reluctant to make the switch?

The trend is moving this way (whether you are on-board or not). Clean beauty is here and it's here to stay.

7. What is a good rule of thumb when shopping for clean body products as a man?

Start with a product you may use daily like a wash...then maybe a hair styler.

To Shop at Oak & Tonic's retail store, visit them at the South Centre Mall (#246 100 Anderson Road SE, Calgary, Alberta T2J-3V1) or online at

Written by Amit Aujla